Nip and a Tuck

Coming to the end of the Fall brides, we have a Rebecca Ingram/Maggie Soterro “Hope”


A close-up reveals the thick lace but not the needed alteration to get this bodice to lie flat. The bustle is pinned up  just to see if it can clear the floor.

You will notice that the front lace hem is dragging on the floor but the bride did not want anything done.

What really needed to be done was to tuck the back side bodice into the skirt. The red thread line will be dropped to below the waistband and sewn by hand. This way it can be released for any future bride. Here is the right side photo.

Here is the wrong side photo…you think I could hold the camera steady?

Once the lower edge is secured on the inside, the back will be snugged up and lie flat.

Here is the right side all neat and tidy.

The shiny lining/satin layer can be bustled with just one point…hooray!

The lace layer gets 3 lace covered buttons and loops to make the bustle.


This side view is for making sure the hem is not dragging and the bride can walk without having to kick her dress going forward or backward.

I always tell the brides to practice walking in their shoes with the bustle as the weight can thrown off your balance and posture. It’s a long day to have all that tacked to your butt!











Another end of season in the garden and this year we just piled the sunflower heads on the top of the outdoor cabinet under the kitchen window. It was fun to see all the birds coming to pull seeds out of the flower heads so close to the window.

One of the last harvests of the summer…Swiss chard and tomatoes.

Two more mango melons ripening in the house. They are more like a cantaloupe inside.

Still making time to relax with a puzzle. This one was really fun to do with so  many different colors!

With a week left before the US elections, I hope all the mail-in ballots will find their way to the voting offices in time!!! I marvel at the good people in states where they have been standing in line for up to 8 hours to cast their vote. They are determined and worthy of praise!!!

Will you be handing out candy on Halloween? We have decided to just put all the goodies outside in a box and with a sign that says to please just take one and leave the rest for the other children.

Stay safe everyone as the virus continues to ravage our communities in cities and rural settings all over the world. Wear a mask and wash your hands and stay home if you can. Don’t forget your flu shot!

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6 Responses to Nip and a Tuck

  1. Cheryl Designs says:

    Beautiful gown 🙂 I never understand when a bride doesn’t want her gown shortened 😦 She is going to drag that around all day or night and completely ‘chew up’ the lace and trip on it 😦 (Tripping UP the aisle is always a good look 😦 ) They will spend $150-$200 on hair, make up and nails but don’t want to pay for a gown hem? They usually trust my judgement about length 🙂 Sometimes I can just shorten their lining so they won’t trip 🙂 I am getting my FIRST flu shot tomorrow at age 63 🙂 I sew for MANY nurses and they think flu season will be bad so I listened to THEIR judgement 🙂

    • mrsmole says:

      You know brides can be crazy and I always tell them that we must go with “their vision” of the dress and wedding. Also their photographer might prefer odd shots that show off the dress…who knows. I got my first flu shot last winter at 70, also got the pneumonia vaccine as every year I have severe bronchitis. More great gowns still to come but I feel sorry for the brides limiting their crowd to 30.

  2. Ann says:

    This is a lovely gown. But this one puzzles me in that – how does one support “the girls” with that open back? The top part of the back is too high for a bra strap and the middle part is too low. Is there some secret, built-in something? Or maybe it’s only for the young and perky? Just curious. Thanks.

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Ann, it is only for the “perky” and whatever small cups I can sew inside to help. I have another gown coming up with no back at all and some sagging in the front…some days I am fresh out of miracles and I have lost track of wear I left my magic wand.

  3. JustGail says:

    That’s a very pretty gown. I wonder if her official shoes are a bit higher? We haven’t had trick or treaters since we moved here 16(?) years ago, apparently towns have better candy/effort ratio than rural areas. Even when we lived in town, the last few years we’d see cars pull up to end of the street, and drive by. Seems streets with only 1 house lit up wasn’t worth their time.

  4. mrsmole says:

    Even with regular shoes for the ceremony, most brides tell me that they will be wearing flats or no shoes for the reception…then the hems really get dirty. Some hems come back to me for preservation looking like they used the dress to mop the floor after the reception…well that is exactly what happened isn’t it? It’s a blessing and a curse living at the end of a long lane. Now that we live in the middle of a cul-de-sac…those little monsters have a blast running from door to door.

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