Goodbye 2020 and Ivory

Anyone else bored with a year of ivory dresses???

What about adding some back and neckline color? This style comes in red and also other colors.

This Forever Yours Bridal dress was available in the garment district of Los Angeles at:

My bride chose this pink version that is corsetted and very heavy satin embroidered with pearls and beads .

Other than some waist wrinkles from the tight lacing, it fits very well and a 3 point bustle will work.

So what else does this dress need? The front hem is pinned up. The lining is attached to the satin at the hem edge and also has 1/2 inch wide horsehair braid sandwiched between them.

Like the previous gown, the side seam of the lining is opened and the hem is exposed and thread marked with red thread so I can see where to put the pins. Once the horsehair braid is removed, the two raw edges were basted together to keep them from shifting. Now I know I didn’t HAVE to remove the old HH braid and just add a new strip but sometimes I just want to do it this way for the photos.

Re-attaching the old HH to the new hemline:

Once the HH braid is sewn, it is time to trim away very close to the HH lower edge.

To make the new hem match the original, I need to stitch two rows through the HH braid. The lining is pulled away.

OK, hem done and tucked back inside and side seam closed we move unto the layers of netting. Dresses always have a generous length of tulle and netting to hold the hem of the satin out and fluffy but when a bustle comes into play, you need to trim it to ground level.



The three points for the bustle…the pink waist button will be replaced with a larger ivory satin covered on.

Pinned up bustle and no netting showing at the hem…hooray!

The final buttons and loops:








Remember the veil with all the silk flowers that was dragged through the mud?

Well, the gown and veil were sent for preservation and here is what came back:

The red line marks the edge of the veil as it is displayed over the bodice of the dress. Every section is like new!

Speaking of new…a new puzzle was completed this week:

Mr. Mole has stocked up on his English treats and it proves that 6,000 miles is no impediment to enjoying Christmas.

For me, I am looking forward to popping open this bottle and waving goodbye to 2020:

Wishing I could hug all the devoted caregivers who have worked so hard this year keeping people and schedules running when surrounded by viruses, greedy politicians, fires, severe weather and disasters.

Wishing I could hug all those who are homeless due to no fault of their own and the hungry children they are trying to protect.

Wishing I could hug the teachers who have battled along making videos and classes and preparing lessons that may never be seen and homework never turned in.

Wishing I could hug all the farm workers and postal employees who have worked in the most adverse conditions but still delivering food and medicine and letters and most importantly…BALLOTS!

A toast to all those who have worn a mask to protect their fellow human beings and may 2021 be filled with hope and empathy sorely lacking these past 4 years.

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27 Responses to Goodbye 2020 and Ivory

  1. Donna says:

    Beautifully written. Merry Christmas!

  2. lesleyshepherd4342 says:

    The Kiplings mince pies recipe has evolved over the years, but I’m sure the Eccles cakes are the same as they ever were, both enjoyable. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  3. Suzie Simpson says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few years. Your talent is amazing! And the dresses! Breath taking (most of them anyway!). But i have to say this is one of the most beautiful one I have ever seen anywhere! And bustled, it’s even more stunning!

    I hope you and Mr. Mole have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful beginning to 2021.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thanks, Suzie…you know adding a little color can do wonders! I just imagine her walking down the aisle and all the guests can see is the front of the dress and then …Bam…pink!

  4. ceci says:

    This is a lovely lovely dress – I can’t imagine choosing the gentle pink over that dramatic red!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mole.


  5. Amelia says:

    Thank you for all of your wisdom and insightfulness. Wishing you and Mr Mole all the best for Christmas and the New Year…An Australian fan

    • mrsmole says:

      We need to gather up all the good thoughts and hopes for 2021 and seek ways to help those struggling to make ends meet and cope with viruses and fires and all sorts of tragedies. Time to buckle up and face the challenges!

  6. JenL says:

    Perfectly stated! Merry Christmas!

  7. Summer Flies says:

    So nicely put. Merry Christmas from Down Under.

  8. Ragdol says:

    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing. I enjoy your blog immensely. 2021 will be our new beginning.

  9. Bunny Sewista says:

    Beautiful post, Mrs. Mole. I hope you and Mr. Mole have a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2021. I hope we all do. We WILL get to the other side of this.
    I love this gown. I have actually seen this gown on a bride who had the ribbon in a dark purple. It was stunning but the pink is even more so. Subtlety always wins, doesn’t it? As always, beautiful work.

  10. Michelle says:

    I love how the bustle looks in this pretty pink fabric.

  11. Susan Hart says:

    Hi Mrs Mole, …..
    Oh I remember this dress! When I worked at the small bridal shop, there was a bride who had this one and in that gorgeous red color! I didn’t have to do anything to hers, but she wanted some stuff added to a little girls red flower girl dress so it would match. It was one of those that had a side open over skirt with 3 buttons at the waist. I changed out the red satin covered buttons for white satin ones and took a leftover white satin bridal gown hem and fashioned it to be added under the red side skirt peeking out about an inch. I also added some little pearls onto the other red sequin embellishments. It looked really pretty and matched her bridal mom’s gown perfectly!
    Merry Christmas and HappyNew Year!
    Here’s to no more COVID and no more TRUMP!
    Susan Hart

  12. Erika Otter says:

    So well said! Happy New Year and here’s to the backside of 2020!

  13. mrsmole says:

    Anything is possible with fresh names and faces in government and a determination and a plan to get rid of Covid and get back to living normal. Does anyone else miss open coffee shops?

  14. That’s gorgeous! I love how you bustled it — it really shows off the pink, and the accentuates the volume of the bustle.

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