Snug Me Up

Here is a late season bridal gown that needed lots of tightening up:

Here is the side view with the bride holding her dress up and a practice bustle. You can see that her skirt is too long by the width of the 3 inch wide horsehair braid. It would have been very expensive to remove it and make the whole front shorter as this hem was embroidered through to the braid.

The back strap was way too loose so the buttons needed to be moved over about one inch.

The top waist of the skirt was also too large and I made darts in both sides

Checking the position of the hook and eye shows that when hooked together, the laps would not come together nicely. Also being chrome, they would not look nice.

New white hooks and better positioning, see how much farther over the hook had to be to close properly?

Marking the center of the new waist dart:

Both darts are hand basted before machine stitching through all that bulk.

After all the darts have been made, they can easily be opened up if the next bride needs the extra ease as I don’t trim away any fabric, just hand tack it flat inside.

Here are more ugly chrome hooks and eyes. They will be replaced by white ones one the buttons are moved over.

For a little extra boost, we added bigger bust pads on top of the flat original ones.

Holding the 5 point bustle train to feel the weight.

Under the train is the knit lining train that will be bustled up too.

Now the bodice fits nice and tight, bust cups filled and after sewing on the bustle buttons and back strap buttons, everything is ready. The bride will just have to be careful walking with that long front skirt. The bustle does clear the floor and when the bride is wearing her shoes, it won’t catch on any leaves or twigs.

As the bridal season winds down and we are still stuck with higher Covid numbers in our valley, less and less weddings are being held.

We are looking forward to getting our booster vaccination as it has been 6 months since the second one was given. I have to say that with all the claims from anti-vaxers that my body will become a huge magnet…it is very disappointing to find that my car keys will not stick to my hips when I wear clothes without pockets!!! Maybe things will change once I get the next shot…fingers crossed!

If any of you are into British history, here is a blog post about layers of old wallpaper found in an old derelect house:

Hope your Halloween festivities bring good weather and lots of little monsters to your door!

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11 Responses to Snug Me Up

  1. Michelle Tothill says:

    Love your sense of humour.

    Imagine if we were magnetic after the vaccine? I would not only leave the house with random threads, but pins, thimble, a pair of scissors and more attached to my clothes.

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh Michelle, it might come in handy of you needed a metal object or tool from a high shelf though. Just point to the item and it would fly into your hand…think about the possibilities!

  2. thealicat13 says:

    If I am fully vaccinated since childhood, but choose to not be part of an experimental medical procedure,
    Does that make me an Anti-Vaxxer?
    Be very careful with your health.

    • Tammy says:

      Calling a researched and tested life-saving vaccine an “experimental medical procedure” does indeed make you and anti-vaxxer. I hope your refusal doesn’t endanger the lives of persons around you.

  3. mrsmole says:

    Obviously, you are a not an anti-vaxxer, just a anti Covid vaccine consumer. Everyone has a choice and at my advanced age, I chose to be protected this time. Seeing videos of people who truly believe a vaccine can make you magnetic, holding keys up to their chests is so widespread.

  4. Linda Craig says:

    Very good Mrs Mole,
    I too love your magnet idea. I was amazed how poorly the hook & eye were sewn on beside the wrong color. Thank you for the wallpaper article. Very interesting

  5. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Linda.I recently saw a documentary on British wallpaper making and how stencils were used and the cost back then but rich foks used the paper as a way to show off wealth. It was so important to paper walls but also to save money, they papered around framed paintings and left the space behind the painting blank. As paper became more affordable common folks could paper their cottages and on some walls have found up to 12 layers which they use to date the occupants.

    • jacquian says:

      Love your humour and as always am in awe of your ability to make your brides look so well dressed. As for wallpaper, our family farm had the original homestead (used for a hay barn) which had layers like that. It started with newspaper, from the 1870’s up to the 1880s then beautiful hand stenciled wallpaper back to newspaper in the depression. It made for some great resources for our school projects. Imagine sitting down to dinner and if you were bored you could just start reading some news lol.

  6. JustGail says:

    I gotta say, about 2 seconds after someone telling me to be careful walking with that front hem, I’d be on the floor. Or have a huge rip across the front. But I do understand why it was left with the braid embroidered into the hem. I wonder if there’s a way to do a front bustle? Or similar to a smocking technique I’ve seen, a bunch of little pleats scattered around the front sort of hidden in the lace could take up the excess?

    Thanks for the link to the old house and its wallpaper.

  7. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Gail, yes I did suggest front tucks/bustle points but she wanted a smooth flat front for the photos so we didn’t attempt anything. Hiking that crispy horsehair high enough to clear the ground wouldn’t have looked too nice but sure been pratical!

  8. erniek3 says:

    I forget who pointed me at the Spitalsfields blog, but it’s the other blog I read the minute it hits my email inbox. You are both so full of goodness and information. And I am glad you are boosted. I want to keep reading about brides and vegetable gardening.

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