Spring bride

In my last blog, I introduced you to the a Spring challenge from Madison James Bridal.


The bride explained that it would need a little hemming so let’s get to work pinning up the lining (knit) and the satin layer (also knit).

Then we get to the scalloped lace layer. Now you know what to expect after seeing hundreds of these over the past 10 years.

It is 5 inches too long, so I run red thread at the 5 inch level and then again at the 10 inch level. The two threads will overlap and be pinned and eventually hand basted.

Cut away at the 5 inch line:

Normally raising the hem side seam to side seam is not such a huge job, but you can see the length of lace that has been cut away. It must be at least 5 yards.

The lace is repositioned 5 inches higher and then all hand basted with green thread ready for try-on.

To get a good idea of the finished length, I like to turn under the excess and hand baste  but it will be trimmed away after stitching.

Looking good so far:

Can’t forget that long train turned into a bustle…seven points should do the trick! No matter how many bustles I have made over the years, it is still exciting to see the lovely folds that evolve. When a bride has such a lovely bustle, she has a different way of walking…with some attitude!

The bodice straps were 1/2 inch too long, so after removing one set of beads and pearls, it can be re-attached.

Once the lace leaf is released, you can see where the pocket is for the strap.

The strap will not be trimmed, just folded under and slid back into the pocket and hand stitched into place just in case the next bride to wear the dress needs that extra length.

Second try-on results shows that the lace hem at the side seams needs to be higher up so more pining. No mater how precise the first pining, sometimes the gown just “grows” after hand basting…darn it!

Side view of the bustle with safety pins:

Notice how the embroidered lace dips down on the side seam and then reverse back up in the front and back?

The “borrowed” item is her sister’s veil.

With the recent school shooting in Texas, it causes us to ask”what can I do for those poor families?” Here is the GoFundMe website to help with funeral expenses and to help raise funds for the remaining children’s education: https://www.gofundme.com/c/act/donate-to-texas-elementary-school-shooting-relief

What else can we do? Petition your lawmakers to make background checks manditory and abolish owning all assault rifles that only belong in the military. When next casting your ballots, choose your candidate wisely after checking how much the NRA is funding them: https://katiecouric.com/news/politics-and-policy/senators-who-take-the-most-money-from-the-nra/

Hold your precious children tight! Thank you for visiting this blog.

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11 Responses to Spring bride

  1. Bunny says:

    Still love seeing you do these hems! This was very similar to my Sophie’s prom gown, oy,,,,,,You earn your dollars!
    Appreciate your comments on the violence. I am so sick of it. Heard on this morning’s news that the two funeral homes in town will be doing all funerals for free so the monies will go toward the education. There needs to be a fund for the therapy needed for the PTSD these young witnesses will surely endure for a lifetime. Their innocence is gone.

  2. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Bunny, the only children’s US casket maker is donating custom caskets to help out. There should be counseling for the people who have to go in and clean the scene after the bodies have been removed as well. These are things we never thought would happen and yet they are happening almost every week/day. Losing a child/parent to a disease is one thing, losing them to violence is another. That hole can never be filled.

    • Bunny says:

      What amazes me over and over in my thoughts is that in Texas we have astate that is probably more pro gun than any in this country. There is a decades old culture of Marlboro Man macho-ism and they have the most enabling gun laws in the United States and are proud of it. Yet, YET, when it came down to brass tacks, you had a bunch of coward cops, too chicken to go in and protect small children from a known killer, cops, who when the parents of such children tried to go in and protect them, were faced with tasers and threats from the cowardly police. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. Mem says:

    I do so hope that this terrible blight of selfish individualism which explains away the scourge of all these guns in the community awakens the American public to take their power and get rid of the Republicans who promote the “right”and deny all responsibility . It’s not just the NRA it’s also a lot of ordinary people who are focused on their right to own guns when this is obviously bad for the community .They are encouraged in their selfishness by the right of the Republican part who are willing to do anything to win . It’s completely morally bankrupt and do upsetting to watch .
    Your work is such an act of optimism and helps me to stay sane as I relax by being creative . I have learned a lot from you Mrs Mole

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Mem, if politicians could for a moment put themselves in the shoes of grieving parents, they might see how awful their decisions are. Imagine what would happen if a senator or any congressman had their child killed with an assault rifle???

  4. Leiflynn Jeffery from Saskatchewan says:

    Thank you for refreshing my memory on doing this hem. I need another in-depth refresher on doing this just got one in that looks like this one. Thanks again.

  5. mrsmole says:

    You are so welcome, Lieflynn. I finally measured my hem strip and it was 6 yards…holy moley 18 feet but once it was under the presser foot, the stitching went well. I hope your hem does not have beads or sequins!!!

  6. Deborah says:

    Dear Mrs Mole
    I have been following your wonderful blog for many years and always enjoy your creativity and learn something new as well as refreshing my memory for techniques I had forgotten.

    As an Australian I find it hard to understand the mindset of some US lawmakers and citizens and I was moved to write to you supporting your suggestions. My heart goes out to all that are grieving.

  7. mrsmole says:

    Thank you so much, Deborah. As long as the powerful NRA (National Rifle Association) has control of the lawmakers, this will never get under control. While 80% of gun owners support stricter background checks, the gun makers and sellers do not. If an 18 year old male can walk into a gun store or gun show and buy whatever he wants to slaughter innocent people, without ANY background checks, we are powerless. It is scary to think that none of us is safe going out to the grocery store or hospital or school or place of worship. I have lived in 4 other countries where this would never have been an issue.

  8. Brenda says:

    Hmm….. I guess that means that YOU have nothing to do with all the beautiful alterations we see. It is ALL your sewing machines fault. That’s some brilliant logic there. How about we deal with the people/societal problem of no morals or values instead of an inanimate object!!

  9. mrsmole says:

    “People of no morals or values” will find a way to destroy others with whatever weapon is available. By restricting automatic rifles that fire 300 rounds a second, it cuts down on the volume of dead bodies.
    If we could treat all disturbed people before they cause mass murders…that would be the key but lawmakers have no idea or desire to do that when they are being financed by the NRA.Thank you for your comment, Brenda.

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