Taking a Break

Week three of the knee replacement surgery and it has been harder than I thought with pain levels high despite more mobility. There is a phrase, “knocked the stuffing out of me” and that is how I feel.

I thought I would be having more time to hand sew things and read but it didn’t turn out that way. The knee was bent before surgery and had to be manipulated to be stright for the new appliance to be attached so bruising went the full length of my leg from crotch to ankle. Only now have the huge purple painful splotches slowly faded but sleeping in a bed at night is almost impossible with both side of the much swollen knee refusing to rest quietly. During the exercises, I had more bleeding and a change of bandage before the staples were removed.

Sadly, I have no new sewing to share with you but Mr. Mole has completed most of the veggie planting and I was able to wander outside to get a few photos for you.

The view from my sewing/recovery room window:

Raspberry plants in back and volunteer sunflowers in front along with bird feeders:

The rose arch and shaded lower level we call “the dell”.

Ever returning poppies and pyracantha bushes in flower:

Tomato and pepper plants:

Radishes, onions and red leaf lettuce:

Bush beans in front and asparagus in back:

Swiss chard and spinach:

44 strawberry plants, half new this year and half transplanted:

So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things get better and my sewing mojo returns next month. One thing I have learned is that when someone who has had this surgery before tells me that on week four I will be walking 10 blocks around the neighborhood…to take it with a grain of salt. Everyone’s recovery is different and we have to listen to our bodies and not push too hard.

Thank you all for following along and I look forward to more sewing adventures soon!

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37 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. Dara says:

    Yes recovery time is different for everyone. So take your time until you are strong enough to return to your daily activities. God Bless you!

  2. Gene Edwards says:

    Dear Mrs Mole,

    Thank you for once again sharing your beautiful home! It is never a disappointment – your garden brings us joy =). Godspeed in your healing. In my experience, sewing mojo always comes back, and may even benefit from the breaks we have to take.

    Sincerely, a loyal reader Gina

    • mrsmole says:

      You are right, Gina, that sewing mojo has just gone underground for a while while I get back to normal. This year the winter rains have brought an abundance of flowers and growth.

  3. Cathie says:

    Sending you healing prayers! Listening to your body is best. Freya is sending Nadine her best wishes. Freya just came to us from a shelter, and she is a very furry 20 pound cat, and we are all getting settled in together. Cathie!

    • mrsmole says:

      Congrats on a new cat! Nadine the medical cat does her best laying in my lap and making little kitty snores. All prayers and good wishes accepted!!!

  4. lesleyshepherd4342 says:

    Rest, rest and more rest, and keep with the exercises. I’m on week 5 since a hip replacement and have been so incredibly tired. All the little projects I planned are languishing untouched. Every day a little better, you have a beautiful and productive garden, relax and enjoy Xxx

  5. Sue Cooper says:

    Thinking of you I hope you can walk the ten blocks soon.

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh Sue, my goal is to be upright and painfree with calmer nights. The blocks will always be there calling my name. Mr Mole and I used to do daily walks before the knees decided they had had enough. He has been super through all this making sure meals and laundry and cat litter box cleaning is done. Can’t imagine going through this without him!

  6. Lis says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Knee surgery is one of the most painful ops three is. Added to that the additional trauma of having your knee straightened etc and I’d say you were doing pretty well. The anesthetic takes a while to leave your body and you surely had a good dose. Be easy on yourself and don’t push. It’ll come right before long x

    • mrsmole says:

      There was no anesthetic per se, just a form of an epidural in an out-patient facility. Surgery at 7 am and up walking out to the car at 1 pm. But all went well and the staff was fabulous. Patience is surely needed in big doses now, Lis!

  7. Virginia says:

    Well at least you have a lovely view. Hopefully the knee will cooperate soon. Take care

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Virginia, I have the best view of all! When Mr Mole is gardening I can see him along with the cat in her harness outside. She has been catching many skinks too! Wish my knee was a bit younger!

  8. Barb B says:

    Oh Mrs Mole, I am so sorry to hear that you are having a rough go of it. Things will get better. Just allow yourself the time you need to recuperate.
    ❤️❤️❤️. Penny Costal

  9. Mary says:

    Glad to hear the surgery is over with. Will be praying for your recovery.
    I had a similar surgery when I was much younger, and am forever grateful for that nurse who reminded me to wiggle my toes… and another person who pointed out that popcorn is high in fiber, and therefore makes a great postop snack since the whole body (including the digestive system) is moving more slowly than we’re used to. If you tend to prefer sweets, melt some chocolate chips into your oatmeal.. fiber plus dessert.
    You didn’t ask for advice… so be well, and I’ll see myself out.

    • mrsmole says:

      OK Popcorn Mary! They give you sheets of exercises and tell you to do ankle pumps 1000 a day. The pain meds slow down the digestive system so that is important to keep everything on track. Love your advice, thank you for dropping by!!!!

  10. Janette says:

    I had my right knee replaced…. I had to wait to sew because I operate the pedal with my right foot, same with driving.
    Whoever told you that you would be walking 10 blocks by week 4 needs a good talking to! I was still on crutches.
    However, stick with it, take the painkillers, do the exercises and believe that it WILL come right. It might take a while, but it will.
    My knee replacement was one of the best things I ever did. I’ve just returned from Australia where I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all the way to the flags at the top, with my new knee and my new hip.

  11. susansnow007 says:

    I had double hip replacement surgery. It took about a month after for me to feel like a human being again. I was cursing myself for undertaking the surgery, but after that magical month end day I was feeling much better. Trust me it will get better. As for the sleeping, do you have a Lazy Boy kind of chair, or someone who would let you borrow a chair like that. I slept in ours for a few months actually and it was so much easier than trying to manipulate the bed. Easier to get up and down out of too. All the best to you. I know sewing is our happy place but you will be back at it soon.

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Susan, I do have a recliner loveseat but I tried one night and it was not successful and because the room is not really as dark as my bedroom, I just laid there wishing I had a sleep mask…ha ha.

  12. milliesissy says:

    It is wonderful that some folks can have major surgeries and be back to normal so soon. That is not the norm! I had both knees replaced, one year apart, and both recoveries were different. My doctor reassured me that was normal, and he also reminded me I would get more from my rehab therapy if I took my prescribed pain medication one hour before the exercises, followed by ice and rest afterward. I was disappointed that all “the free time” didn’t fill with reading and creating…but it came back when more healing had occurred. It was well worth the effort and self discipline. I love reading your posts…always inspiring and I am sending good wishes for the best healing. Millie

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Millie, waiting is a hard part of recovery. Every day you get up and wonder if some of the painmight be gone only to find the pain has moved around to the calf or higher up the leg. Lots of time is devoted to massaging my leg for relief and my pain pills have been renewed so I’m happy.

  13. Lynda says:

    I’m so sorry you are having a hard time. Having the leg twisted prior to just adds that extra. Hopefully your spine is okay. I’ve found visits to the chiropracter more frequent because I spent so many years favoring one knee, which twisted my hips. The PT will help and you will get through this in much better shape, but you do have to listen to your body and not overdo. Enjoy resting and enjoying the sight of your amazing garden and know you’re getting best wishes from around the world.
    I do know that a good bit of icing before bed does help. All the best wishes for the corner you’ll turn to be soon.

  14. JustGail says:

    Sorry to hear the recovery isn’t going quite as fast as hoped for. But you are on the mend, that’s good. At least you have nice gardens (and gardener) to look out at while recovering. I hope the day comes fast that in the middle of the day you realize “it hasn’t hurt in a few days”.

    • mrsmole says:

      That will be a very welcome day when I can walk around and not think about a sharp pain lingering in the background…ha ha. I can sit and watch Mr. Mole putter around and bring me the occasional strawberry. Thank you, Gail!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Your garden (yours and Mr. Mole’s) is spectacular! I am glad to see it all bounced back better than ever from those windstorms. Just as you will bounce back. You are being very patient. I am sure that Nadine is helping you with that. And Mr. Mole, he is the best! After reading your entire blog I am convinced that the only way you were ever going to get any rest was to have your knee replaced. I am just sorry that the resting involves pain. I love Janette’s story of climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge; it gave me hope even though I haven’t even needed to have any joint replaced (yet). Thanks so much for the update and beautiful garden pictures!

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Lindsay, Nadine insists on laying on my lap as she is a medical cat for sure but she is now 8 pounds and the weight of her on my poor leg is not good. It’s already time to start giving away the extra lettuces as they went crazy! Next will be the Swiss chard and spinach…so prolific!

  16. hope you are feeling better soon, take it easy and I’m so impressed with your veg garden. If the weather would cooperate, right?

  17. mrsmole says:

    Here in Medford, we don’t get much of a cool Spring before the heat waves return and burn all the little baby plants. You have to be tough to withstand a 100 degree shirt year round. 20F degrees in winter and 120F in the summer. I think it must be more temperate where you are?

  18. Tina Kempa says:

    Glad your healing.I had both done 5 yrs ago.. The ice was my best friend! The bruises look awful but do go away. Just keep moving, do your PT, and be good to yourself! Sewing will wait, but I understand, I was a little stir crazy. Hope you feel better each day.
    With heart,

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, I remember when you had both knees done and I am so glad they worked out well. I have been paying more attention to trying too hard to speed things up so I delayed the PT. When I finally showed up for an assessment, they said whatever I was doing at home on my own was great and it was making their job easier. It also didn’t help getting a rundown of all the horror stories about how much the PT will hurt. Went into the first session with tears in my eyes from fear.

  19. Ruth Duling says:

    I can totally agree with your comments about the pain and difficulties of recovering from knee replacement surgery. It all gets better eventually, but the going can be rough the first month. Hang in there. It really does get better.

  20. mrsmole says:

    Just over 4 weeks now and seeing some improvement in walking so banking on what my Dr said about feeling like a new person by week six. Week six…is that when I resume wearing a bra and underpants instead of just a nightgown…ha ha.

  21. Karen says:

    I’ve had both knees replaced and both had difficult recoveries. Don’t get discouraged and keep all your therapy appointments, You’ll be grateful you did this surgery.

  22. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Karen. Week 5 and as the walking improves and gets less painful, the PT sessions crank the pain levels up but at least the number of reps can be adjusted to a managable amount and all the techs are sweet and don’t want me to rush through the sessions.

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