Every Saturday that I have an entry it will be featured and shared. Please send me an email and photos to: surroundedbywhite@gmail.com

Let the pattern makers see what happens when real people with real bodies try to re-create their visions on the front of the envelope. Get helpful comments and suggestions from other sewers thinking about venturing into purchasing your pattern choice…in other words…save them the trouble!

Below is a set of questions to help you create “your story”:

Why did you pick this pattern?
What size did you think you were according to their envelope numbers?
What size did you cut and did you alter before cutting?
Did you encounter difficulties others would like to avoid?
Is there anything in the photos we cannot see that you wanted us to know about?
Is this garment wearable with tweaking or not?
Thumbs up or thumbs down on buying this? Worth the effort?
Do you want suggestions on how to “make it work” or is it beyond that?

4 Responses to About SEW BAD

  1. onie moore says:

    would like to follow via email

  2. Erin Borgmann says:

    Hello from WI!
    I’m a seamstress working from home. We just moved into our home and it’s a fixer upper and this fall/winter we will be redoing a room for my sewing studio.
    I love your blog and all your insight.
    I do have a question though I am working on a sleeveless tank dress with lining and it has high neckline and the client wants the dress to have a lower necklines, more like a scoop, I have a idea of how to do it but would love to see how you would do it.
    Also have you ever have a bride ask you if you know where she could get a waterproof wedding gown? Because she was skiing down to her ceremony so she was worried about getting it wet. Yeah didn’t know what to say tp that. Lol
    Thank you for your time! Erin

  3. Yvonne Covey says:

    Would love to follow your emails/blogs. Please and thank you!

    • mrsmole says:

      There should be a button either at the top or bottom of the page to “Follow” or you can sign up with Bloglovin.com or Blogger.com to add me to your reader list. Sorry I cannot add you, you have to add yourself.

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