Vacation Ending

Taking a break from my sewing room and the unrelenting parade of garments needing attention has been good for me mentally and physically.

Having time to read my Kindle and not kneel for hours pinning up hems and assuring nervous brides and their mothers that everything will be OK has been liberating. Keeping ice packs on my swollen knee and sitting in the warm sun has been good too.

So where have I been and what have I been doing? Well, we planned on heading south to see family but we had to take a little detour for 2 days to Las Vegas. Oh, you say, what is mrsmole going to do in Vegas, Sin City, where high rollers gamble and celebrities entertain into the wee hours of the night. My British husband planned to meet some colleagues from Liverpool there for the international technology show held once a year. It is called CES which stands for Consumer Electronics Show with over 2,000 international vendors and over 157,000 attendees. While hubby was off being dazzled and amazed I trotted myself downstairs to a Reflexology session in our hotel. After one hour of intense foot and leg massage, absolute heaven, the tech asked if I would like a full body massage fully clothed. Who can say no to that? So there I was flattened out with a Chinese woman kneeling on the backs of my legs and pushing on my back and shoulders and twisting my arms and neck. This certainly was something I could not get back home!

Then dragging my totally relaxed body back up the room, I did something I never do -watch trashy daytime television and read. Later that evening when the hubby returned with a glazed over look having been entertained by glimpses into the future with 100 inch screen TVs and such we were invited to dinner and walking tour of his friends’ digs at the Venetian Hotel. Riding up an escalator we arrive on the second floor to this:vegas Yes, St. Mark’s Square in Venice complete with singing gondoliers. The ceiling looks like real sky and as our afternoon changed to night so did the sky darkening and stars appearing…spooky! One night of this and street fireworks and dazzling lights was enough to make me exhausted so it was a relief to get on the road and head for the final destination to relax in quiet. Here I am doing just that:desert We did manage to drive one day to see my grandchildren near Los Angeles and my youngest daughter drove out to spend 2 days sewing and catching up with family news. The final couple days will be filled with sewing for me since I pre-cut lots of shorts and tops (for summer) serged the edges and stuffed them into zip-pock bags along with my portable sewing machine in case the mood struck me.

Before I leave I wanted to share an email I received on my working website:

Hope you are having a great new year. I am so happy to have found you online after so much searching for someone with your skill. I am in the process of purchasing a used wedding dress from for my July 2013 wedding. It will most likely need to be taken in as I think I’m a bit shorter and smaller than the woman who purchased it. It is the WTOO Bristol gown and before I purchase it I just wanted to check and make sure it would be able to be altered and am wondering how far in advance I should book with you before my wedding (as I’m sure you are busy)?I’m sure you won’t be able to give me an exact price quote until you assess the work that needs to be done, but do you have a price range you could provide me with as well so I will know how much to budget for?

Thanks so much,

Now that is a perfect example of a bride I’d love to work – you can almost hear her smiling can’t you?

So dear readers, once again, thank you for dropping by and following my tales…stay warm, stay well and good luck in your sewing projects!

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11 Responses to Vacation Ending

  1. Elle C says:

    I am so pleased that you took some time off, I know it isn’t entirely by choice, but still…

    The reflexology treatment and full body massage sound wonderful! I love reflexology. If you ever have the chance to have a rolfing session, take it. I have never felt that relaxed in my life, it is a form of really intense massage. I felt zoned out for a couple of days afterwards.

    That client sounds like a dream client, imagine that! She respects your time, your skill, and your experience. What a concept. Enjoy.

    • mrsmole says:

      I have heard about rolfing when I lived in England but not sure they have it where I live now. Being zoned out for a few days sounds wonderful and something you would want to schedule on a regular basis!!!

  2. Angela says:

    Oh, so sad to think you were so near and yet so far… I live only a few miles from the Strip! But, contrary to what many think of those living here, I am very rarely on the Strip. Too busy living life out in the suburbs! Glad you had a relaxing time, love reading your blog.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Angela for checking in. Living in Vegas must be like living near Disneyland in Anaheim…I lived 20 minutes from there but rarely went but we could enjoy seeing the fireworks every night.

  3. Sounds like a well deserved break for you – and your tech-loving husband! Nice for YOU to be pampered and waited on for a change 🙂 The Venetian is amazing – my daughter had a conference there last year. They’ve done a remarkable job with it. I think Vegas has managed to re-create just about every world wonder at one of their zillions of hotels! So glad you had a nice, relaxing time. Hope you come back refreshed and renewed!

    • mrsmole says:

      I had not been there for over 25 years and was blown away by the freeway, closeness of hotels and noise. We didn’t get to the downtown but I have seen scenes of it on TV. Now being in the desert really takes you to a calmer pace… a place of balance.Don’t we all deserve to be pampered????

  4. Alethia says:

    So glad you are enjoying yourself! I would love to visit that hotel, truly look inviting!!
    As for the email, I can see a wonderful working relationship on the horizon…someone who respects talent, time, and business!

  5. symondezyn says:

    Vegas is amazing isn’t it? I loved the Venetian, and being sung to in Italian on a gondola ^_^ So glad you got a chance to relax and congrats on what sounds like just the kind of client you deserve ^_^

  6. lozzen says:

    Thank you mrsmole. Always a pleasure to hear the real tales from an expert.

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