Cold Brewed Coffee

Mr. Mole and I like to have a pick-me-up drink in the afternoon and I have been trying Cold Brew coffee bags from local and online retailers. They have been good but the price for a 3 oz bag can run from $3 to $12.

Once I figured out that I could do the same cold brew for way less, I got to work.

If you live near a Walmart, you can find this 12 oz bag for $3.50. Yes, that is correct…where can you find good coffee so cheap? It comes in 4 flavors!





Then make a muslin sack and place 3 oz of coffee in it just like the store bought bags. Put a clip at the top open end.


You can weigh the 3 oz or measure out in a cup.










Fill a pitcher/jug with 45 oz of water…or 1.3 liters

Toss in the bag leaving the clipped top tucked into the spout for easy removal later.

Wait 24 hours in the fridge, pop some coffee ice cubes (don’t want to dilute the coffee strength)  and preferred sweetener or liquid flavoring and top it with some cream. Remove the bag and dump the contents into your compost bin or wormery and wash the bag by hand in the sink for next time.

You now have enough for 4 large servings per pitcher for the cost of 22 cents each instead of what a coffee shops charge. You can vary the flavors as Walmart offer 4 flavors and you can make it with decaf for less of a jolt.


Time to stop and enjoy…which I have already done by the lowered level of my drink.









As Mother’s Day was last Sunday, I wanted to share what my family gave me. My oldest daughter sent this darling set of llama containers…like nesting Russian dolls:


She also found this darling pendant too!









My youngest daughter sent this to me knowing that I spend time in the garden when I am not cranking out wedding gowns. Aren’t they just the most gorgeous tools?

Mr. Mole heard me mention that there are some days when I get out of the shower in the morning I just want to roll myself up in the thick Costco towel and crawl back into bed and wait for a servant to bring me some chunks of mango. Well, not having servants, he did the next best thing…he bought me my own bag of fruit!

I’m a lucky mom/wife!!!

I hope all the moms out there had a great day yesterday!

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10 Responses to Cold Brewed Coffee

  1. Sandi says:

    Oh you lucky gal! You got some really nice gifts. I love the cold coffee idea. I just may pop over for a glass☺️ I had a wonderful day also. My hubby took me out for a Mother’s Day buffet at the Rogue Regency. The food was great and the deserts to dye for😋😋😋. My son sent me a beautiful box of all different kinds of chocolate cookies. First times every!! We are so lucky to have thoughtful husbands and kids👍🏻.

  2. erniek3 says:

    I am forwarding the cold brew info to my son, who will be happy to know about this (the love of the bean runs deeeeeeep in our house). I spent the day volunteering and being dragooned into sewing more costumes for folk dancers (endless changes and no pay). But Son One made a fine dinner, and a funny card, so all is good.
    All you moms, blessings to everyone!

  3. Rena Pearson says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Those are some gorgeous tools…I wouldn’t want to get them dirty! We celebrated my graduate at church followed by a luncheon and the oldest made me dinner and dessert (lemon olive oil cake). And then I got more work done. My beading/ re-beading is endless.

  4. Linda Craig says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Mrs Mole, you deserve it. Thank you for sharing your coffee success!

  5. It’s nice to see you have some rest and a few treats after all your hard work! Enjoy!

  6. mrsmole says:

    Thank you Donnalee…don’t we all deserve a little respite from work and clients?

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