Down to the Wire

As with all good brides and their plans, buying multiple matching dresses for different sized friends can be a problem. Last week the burgundy bride picked up her dress and everything was peachy-keen until she mentioned a slightly small problem that might arise….let’s guess.

She ordered this dress on-line for all her bridesmaids and it seems the sizing chart has a few flaws.

Here is the link:

Now we have a small problem. Each girl took a smaller size and what we are left with is an extra-small girl and one large dress and the bride asks me if I can make it smaller. This might involve reducing a dress by 6 inches all over and labor, labor, labor. I notice on the ad that the dress costs $49.99 so my suggestion is just to buy the correct size and send the large one back instead of paying me even more money to reduce the size.

So this week maybe things will get better and the solution will be simple…let’s hope so as I am going away for 3 days to see Ottmar Liebert in concert and have less time to sew this week and the wedding is 10 days away.

Fingers Crossed!!!

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