I’ve Got Wings

Is this what a modern bride wants to wear walking down the aisle?

The skirt is Willowby Annalise

I wish I was as clever as my friend Anne of https://prttynpnk.com/ who does such funny stories about models on the runway!

It has a very high slit up the left leg almost ending at her va jay jay. The waistband is elastic inside and the one lining layer is thick white knit which is hemmed with a coverstitch machine. There are 33, yes 33 twenty-four inch wide panels of tulle attached to the waistband.

My bride is not wearing that top, she has ordered “something special” that she brings to the final try-on.

So here’s the plan: hem the knit lining with my coverstitch machine and take in the waistband 3 inches…sure…why not? 3 inches require me to move all the layers of tulle 1.5 inches each side of the zipper. What could be more fun?

We also tried a bustle gathering up all back tulle strips into a pony tail…not too nice!

Here is the full length of the train:   

So the compromise is to trim every layer to ground level in the front and still keep a little train in the back. Here is the dress with 11 strips contained in each clip just so I can see the one solid layer of netting over the lining. 






















The waistband shows how I don’t cut off anything just in cast the next bride needs all that excess back to the original placement.


Here is the top that we have been waiting weeks for…needless to say I was shocked to see a knit yoga top tucked into the waistband when I was expecting maybe something lacy or beaded or more wedding-ish.


So from week to week we see the diversity of brides…some go Hollywood, some don’t.










As the temps cool we are harvesting the last fruits of the season. Wait…what is that growing out of that tomato? A nose???


More gold and red cherry tomatoes and a box of peaches and pears too!


Here is why we should never toss spent sunflower heads away. The birds all perch in the edges of the flower head and break off seeds. This one is 1/3 eaten. The other thing you should not do is to toss the heads into a compost bin…why? Last year some of the heads got into the compost bins and when that was spread around the garden this year, we got clumps of sunflower sprouts EVERYWHERE!!!

Now I will leave you as I have 3 brides to finish for this Saturday…who knew Sept 22 was such a special day?

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41 Responses to I’ve Got Wings

  1. Ummm, am I the only one that thinks that looks like the underclothes and there should be dress to slip on over the top?
    But then, what do I know, I wore the traditional meringue to my weeding!

    • mrsmole says:

      That is the first thing Mr Mole said when he saw the photo…wearing her underwear?

      • erniek3 says:

        Ah, I remember remarking similarly when my hair stylist walked into the salon. “I see you wore your underwear to work”. Yes, I apologized, and no, she didn’t butcher my hair, but …..she did. It was a very pretty camisole, but….it was…oh nevermind. I wasn’t expecting something so plain, but my niece Annalisa would adore that look. So maybe it’s the name. And it’s rather charming in it’s own way. After all the princess looks, this is….rather sweet.

  2. Laura says:

    Was reading and thought – what will the top be. Lace / sequins. I’m cracking up! Lots of different tastes out there. Still amazed that you like what you’re doing – right?

  3. Angela says:

    I agree with Princess Leah – it looks like the top of a slip and the bride is about to put on the real top that everyone will see… or maybe I’m showing my age…

    • mrsmole says:

      I have to laugh, Angela, when I tell my brides that formal dresses require formal underwear and recount how women wore “foundation” garments under all their clothes in the 50’s and suggest they do the same.

  4. Colleen says:

    I am speechless…except for your beautiful trim work and patience! I remember a prom dress that I suggested a pony tail holder! I think is just shortened up the train as well…..oh my!

  5. Certainly looks budget: an unflattering top coupled with a load of net curtain. But on the whole, I have seen worse chez Maison Mole.

  6. ceci says:

    Hey, its not strapless, my personal nemesis. Maybe white bike shorts to go with the yoga top and provide a bit of coverage with the skirt split?


  7. KimP says:

    I’m thinking the bride needs a more supportive bra to get the “girls” up higher and a full bust adjustment . . .

    • mrsmole says:

      Isn’t it the beauty of wearing Spandex…it just adjusts to everything? A better bra would be nice.

      • Cheryl Designs says:

        Yes 😦 BETTER BRA… That would have also required a larger size to fit the bust properly with maybe a side seam alteration under the arm 🙂 I always try to educate my customers 🙂 BRAS MATTER 🙂 In formalwear-THEY MATTER 🙂 This ‘ain’t tees and jeans’ 🙂 The simple look IS lovely when it FITS 🙂

  8. Tia Dia says:

    Well, it does take all kinds. Maybe they’re getting married at a yoga retreat…

  9. Trish says:

    I agree with what everyone else has said. It’s so bland and unattractive😏
    It must have been a horrible job for you, Mrs Mole, having to plough through all those layers of cheap curtaining. You’ve done an amazing job getting it all so straight. 👏🏻

  10. upsew says:

    didnt expect that top!and would think a plain boat neck would have been more interesting, but then again – if its your day – you wear what you feel best in. For our wedding my husband wore his jeans. Wonderful crop of tomatoes, and those pears! wow – I have a pear tree planted 3 years now and unsure when it will start to crop.

    • mrsmole says:

      Well if your husband s still wearing jeans, then at least he is consistent.This where they grow pears for Harry and David so it just seems easy…peppers and apricots…not so lucky.

  11. Penny Costal says:

    A nose is not what I saw on that phallic tomato. Just sayin….

  12. jay says:

    I rather like the skirt, though would stitch up that slit. I feel it needs a fitted top, perhaps even a very shaped jacket in a beautiful jacquard, with a high collar, but the bride has her own vision.

  13. maryfunt says:

    Very unimpressive dress. It does look like she is missing the top layer. I can’t believe it took weeks to get that top. At least the model photo looks like a bride.

  14. raquel from jc says:

    Is the bride leaning to one side or is her normal posture? I noticed it because my youngest daughter has scoliosis and I have to be very careful when I make any adjustments to her garments. (one side is shorter than the other one). Will you post the final try-on? I would love to see the chosen top!

  15. mainelydad says:

    $675 for IKEA curtains and an elastic waistband!? I do hope she got the complimentary free veil!

  16. Leiflynn Jeffery says:

    Wow, each to their own I guess. How do you hem all that tulle? Measure down and thread trace, then cut all in one layer? Inquiring minds (want)NEED to know!!! Thanks again.

  17. mrsmole says:

    On this skirt, I allowed one, just one panel to drop and cut the tulle along the edge of my platform. Now do that 32 more times while adjusting your tired butt along the carpet. When I got to the 33rd panel, I stood up and admired my work and discovered I had spent 2 hours on this but it was as precise as could be. She will run through grass and leaves and twigs and all that smooth edge will be trashed. I use slightly serrated scissors so they can “bite” and hold that slippery tulle better. Good luck!

  18. georgiabrickoven says:

    At least there are no tattoos (that I can see 😊)

  19. robbie says:

    I’m just wondering if these brides ever sit back after the ‘wedding dust’ settles, look at the photos/video and say ‘what was I thinking’ ?

    • mrsmole says:

      Maybe they do when the bills come in? I hear stories that the more a bride spends is in direct proportion to the chances she will be divorced a couple years down the line. I thin 1/3 of all my brides this year are marrying for the second time to men who already have children. One bride is marrying the man for his 4th time…makes you wonder?

  20. The skirt was beautiful – so much work in making it perfect! The top … I would have wanted some beading added to it!

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